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  August 2013

I am accepting review requests, but on a case-to-case basis as my to-review pile keeps getting bigger and bigger!
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12th October 2012

I am currently booking review slots now :) I am contacting those people that have already requested a spot first, but I am taking requests still :)
I am continuing with the review/interview/giveaway posts as these seem to be well received so far.
Sarah Elizabeth

8th October 2012

Apologies but my kindle is out of action and will be til the end of the month. This means that reviews will take a little longer as I have to read on my computer which obviously isn't as mobile!
These review/interview/giveaway posts also take a lot of time to sort out and I am short on time at the moment so please bear with me!

11th August

Want to know more about 'Books4reviews'? Email me ( or message me on Goodreads.

13th July 2012:

If you would like your book to be featured on the blog in a 'kindle freebies' post - just let me know when it is free, and I will pop it on there for you! ☺

12th June 2012:

 Thanks to everyone who has mailed me requesting a review of their book on Sarah Elizabeth's Bookshelf!

 Sorry if it has taken me a while to get back to you but my read-to-review list has gotten a bit out of hand! From now on I will be handling one email request per week, and I will be spotlighting said author with a review, interview, and ebook giveaway on a saturday morning. 

My first available slot will be the 14th of July, and so on:
14th july - Taken
21st july - Taken
28th july - Taken
4 th august - taken
11th august - taken
18th august - taken
25th august - Taken

1st september - Taken
8th september - taken
15th september - taken
22nd september - taken
29th september - taken
October - Sorry, having a month off to catch up!
3rd November - taken
10th november - taken

17th november - taken
ongoing - see 'up coming reviews and giveaways' page

If you are still interested in having your book featured, please email me  ( with your preferred date (unfortunately this is on a first-come first-served basis), and whether you are happy to do a review/ interview/ giveaway post.

I prefer to review urban fantasy/ paranormal romance/ YA stuff generally. You can see what I've been reading on the blog. Unfortunately I do not review Non-fiction, biographies, manga, and anything depressing - sorry no war stories, books about abused children etc as I'm too sensitive to read such things!

I prefer books to be in a kindle-friendly format please, but I can convert pdf's and epub files too.

If you would like me to be part of your blog tour,  or would like a release day feature for your book I can do that too :)

Thanks so much for reading all of that, and hope to hear from you soon! :)

Sarah Elizabeth 

About me... 

Hi everyone!
My name is Sarah Elizabeth, I'm Twenty three (ish)!

I live in the UK, and my most favourite activity (other than reading) is shopping! (usually for books, but i'm not fussy ☺ )

I've always been an avid reader, I actually managed to go through almost everything in the childrens section of our library when I was little and had to move on to the bigger library in town.

I love paranormal romance/ urban fantasy/ young adult books mainly, but I'm not adverse to reading other things ☺

My favourite books include The Changeover by Margaret Mahy, Dark Lover by J. R. Ward, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and many more. I was also a big fan of L. J. Smith, and Tamora Pierce when I actually WAS a teenager.

I love books that keep you gripped and wanting to know what happens next, especially with a splash of danger, and a spark of romance, and I love it when I rush home wanting to get back to my book. Any book that makes me want to read rather than shop is a hands-down winner with me!

The character from a book that I would most like to meet is... probably Ford Prefect from hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. I have a feeling that going out for a drink with him would be anything but dull!

Love and Hugs,

Sarah x


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  2. I just finished charade and it was amazing but totally left me hanging when will the next one be available

  3. My foot will be available for free on kindle tomorrow.

    Work the read.

  4. I nominated you for the One Lovely Blogger Award!

  5. Hi Sarah, I just visited your page to show some writer-to-writer love. Following you on Networked Blogs c/o Paige Graham for Madi Brown. Would love to have you follow me on Networked blogs too! I'm here: