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Beautiful Dead - Summer by Eden Maguire

Summer (Beautiful Dead, #3)

Blub (from Goodreads):
Six months have passed since the last Ellerton teenager died, but Darina is still traumatized by the stabbing of her own beloved Phoenix. But there's work to be done as Darina must now turn her attention to the shooting of Summer Madison - the beautiful and gifted, singer-song-writer with a heart of gold. It's been nearly a year since the random shooting in a shopping mall caused Summer's meaningless death.
Summer left behind recordings of her wonderful songs and a deep sadness amongst high school friends. Now Darina must act as Summerās agent to track down the psychotic killer in a clear search for justice. With the sound of Summer's music constantly playing inside Darina's head, recalling the wonderful months when she was alive and performing her first gigs, Darina, Phoenix and the Beautiful Dead are determined to catch the crazed killer. And all the while Darinaās love for Phoenix continues to beat ...

Summer by Eden Maguire

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Summer (Beautiful Dead, #3)(Source: I borrowed a copy of this book.)
This is book 3 in the ‘Beautiful Dead’ series.
It’s now 4 months since Darina helped solve Arizona’s murder, and helped her to move on. In that time the Beautiful Dead have been absent from this world, and Darina is going crazy missing Phoenix. She’s not eating, sleeping, or going to school, and she’s even started seeing a therapist to try and help her come to terms with her loss.

Every so often Darina is still driving out and visiting the barn where the Beautiful Dead stay while they are on this side, but the barn is always empty. Summer’s birthday is approaching though, as is the day she died just 3 weeks later, so Darina knows that the Beautiful Dead must return soon if she is to stand any chance of working out who killed Summer.

When they do arrive though, Summer comes first, without Phoenix, and tells Darina that Hunter wants her to stay away until he is ready for her to visit. He’s worried about people following her and discovering them. Darina’s love for Phoenix means that she can’t keep away though, and as usual she just finds herself in more trouble. The question is though, can she hold it together long enough to solve Summer’s murder, and finally free her?

I have to admit that although I have read book 1 – Jonas, I haven’t read book 2 – Arizona, but I saw this book in the library and just couldn’t resist!
Poor Darina is really struggling at the start of this book, she’s missing Phoenix so much, and she’s had a lot to deal with in terms of coping with her grief. All she really wants is to become one of the Beautiful Dead herself so that she can be with Phoenix forever. I really feel for Darina in this book, because she really does have it bad, so much so that she’s not even eating properly.

Summer’s murder is different to Jonas’ and Arizona’s, because Summer was killed in what appears to be a random shooting, so Darina finds it hard to even know where to start, but she does start, and this gives her the drive to keep going.
The most shocking part of this story for me was the event that happened on page 173! And then Darina had yet another death to come to terms with! I don’t know what it is about this town, but people are dropping like flies! I was really surprised when this person died though, I totally didn’t see it coming at all and I felt like crying!

I have to say that I totally wasn’t able to guess who the killer was in this instalment! I was literally just pages from the end when it was revealed, and I totally hadn’t guessed who it was!
There is only 1 book left to go in this series now – Phoenix (Which I also got at the library! Yay!) and I’m really looking forward to finding out how this all ends, and how Darina’s going to cope with saying goodbye to Phoenix for good!
7 out of 10.

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  1. I love when books can keep secrets a secret till the very end. :)