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Torn by Amanda Hocking

Torn (Trylle Trilogy, #2)Torn by Amanda Hocking
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

(I was given this book for free on a read-to-review basis.)
This is the second book in the ‘Trylle’ trilogy, and kicks off at the point where the first book finished.
So Wendy has finally walked out on her awful mother, and has run off back home with Rhys – the boy that she was swapped at birth for – and therefore her brother’s real brother.

They make it back and Wendy introduces Rhys and Matt, before Finn and another tracker called Duncan make an appearance, and tell Wendy that she needs to go back to Forening. Wendy point blank refuses, and so Finn and Duncan leave. Not long after the house is attacked by the Vittra – a different tribe of trolls, and Wendy, Matt, and Rhys are all taken captive.

Wendy makes a fuss and finds out why they have been taken – the Vittra King is her biological father, and so he too feels like he can lay claim to her. Thankfully, Finn, Duncan, and Tove come to her rescue, and she finds herself back at her mother’s palace in Trylle.

From then on there is a lot of politics – which kingdom will Wendy rule? How can they prevent war between the Trylle and Vittra? How long will it be before Wendy will be queen?
There is also some romantic intrigue, with Wendy finding herself romantically involved with three different men!

I hate to say this but I am so glad that this book is over. I really enjoyed Switched, so much so that I immediately began reading Torn, unfortunately this book failed to live up to my expectations. I found myself having real trouble staying focused whilst reading this book, and at around 40% I had to start speed-reading through to stop myself from totally giving up.
To be honest I can’t even say that there was anything that I particularly didn’t like – I was just bored. Maybe it was all the arguing and politics, but I just really struggled to keep reading.
The plot wasn’t even surprising, most of the ‘twists’ I could see coming from mid-way through the first book.

Hoping that the next is better.
3 out of 10.
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