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Switched by Amanda Hocking

Switched (Trylle Trilogy #1)Switched by Amanda Hocking
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

(I was given this book for free on a read-to-review basis.)
17-year-old Wendy lives with her brother and aunt. Her dad is dead, and her mother is in a mental care facility after trying to kill Wendy when she was six.

Wendy has been to her fair share of schools and has been expelled multiple times. She’s just decided to settle down and try to graduate when a new boy at school – Finn, captures her attention.

Finn tells Wendy that she is a changeling. She was swapped at birth and left with a human family when she is really a troll! (Sounds glamorous huh?) Strangely enough the reason that Wendy’s mom tried to kill her was because she didn’t believe that Wendy was really her child, so as it turns out she was actually correct.

Finn takes Wendy to a place called Forening, where the group of trolls, or Trylle, that she comes from live. More surprises are in store though when Wendy finds out that she’s not just a Trylle, she’s also the Trylle princess!

Wendy has never been one for rules and restrictions though, and it turns out that being a princess is far too limiting for Wendy, especially when she’s told that she’s not allowed to be with Finn because she’s the princess and he is below her. Can Wendy change her mother’s ideas about what is proper though? Or is the title of Princess really a prison sentence?

I enjoyed this book and got through it really quickly. I liked Wendy although at times she did act like a spoilt little madam, and I actually felt a bit sorry for her mum. I think I’d be pretty miffed if I knew that my child had been swapped for another and nobody believed me. Especially seeing as Wendy was a particularly difficult child, and less than grateful for the life she had.

I liked Finn and I thought it was unfair that he and Wendy weren’t allowed to be together, although I kind-of expected this as soon as it was discovered that Wendy was a princess.

Wendy’s real mother, the queen, Elora was a total cow to be honest. She had no respect for anyone, and treated Wendy like dirt. To be honest I was expecting Wendy to turn right around and leave pretty much as soon as she met her mother, I know that I wanted her to!

I liked that Wendy got to meet the boy she had been switched with (Rhys), and that she wasn’t quite sure what he was to her (her brother’s brother?). I also liked the idea that the Trylle had powers such as telekinesis, weather control, and seeing the future, and I’m interested to see how these abilities are developed in the next book (which I’m now looking forward to!)
8 out of 10.
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