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Spectral by Shannon Duffy - Blog Tour!

Spectral by Shannon Duffy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

(I was given this book for free on a read-to-review basis as part of the Spectral blog tour.)
16 year old jewel is sick of moving from place to place. But that’s exactly what her family have been doing for as long as she can remember. She thinks that it’s because they’re in the witness protection programme, but really it’s because Jewel is a ‘spectral’ – a child born during a total lunar eclipse, which coincides with the full moon of the summer solstice.

What Jewel doesn’t realise is that she’s being hunted. On the day of her 17 birthday she will go through a ‘quickening’ and receive her full witch powers, and massively strengthen her coven. For this reason everyone is after her – either to get her into their coven instead, or kill her so that no one else will get the power. But now that she knows, Jewel doesn’t know who to trust – the gorgeous guy she just met who claims to be her guardian? Her parents who have kept her safe for so long? Her grandmother?

Time is running out for Jewel as her 17th birthday approaches, and she desperately needs to find a dagger that is vital for her quickening. Can she find it in time though, can she evade the people who want to kill her, and who is her real family and coven?

I enjoyed this book. Jewel is so real and I love the way that she isn’t a stereotypical girl. She really struggles to work out who she can rely on in this book, and at every opportunity there is a new twist which makes her doubt herself.

I loved the idea that Jewel was a spectral – we’ve all read stories about great witches and such but this was a slightly different premise, and I’ve never heard the world spectral used in that way before!

The love interests were both nice in totally different ways, and thankfully there was no love triangle, although the main love in Jewel’s life was really her baby brother who she fought so hard to protect, and really did care about. Roman – the mysterious bad boy who claimed to be Jewel’s protector was just yummy, although she found it really difficult to know whether she should really trust him or not. The other love interest Chase was also pretty dreamy.

The story was nicely paced, and at times I could not put this book down!
Overall, an entertaining Young Adult witch story.
7 out of 10.
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Interview with Author Shannon Duffy:
How did you come up with the idea of a spectral?

1.      I came up with the idea of a spectral witch one night when I couldn’t sleep. I wanted to write a story about a very special kind of witch, and one that doesn’t even know she’s a witch at all yet. Once I had the initial idea, I just let the ideas flow from there.

What three words would you use to describe spectral?

1.      Witchcraft, romance, mystery

In the book Jewel hates the colour pink, is this one of your pet peeves?

1.      Haha I love that question and haven’t been asked it yet. Hating pink is definitely not one of my pet peeves. In fact, I love pink and purple and all things girly. One of the reasons I made Jewel hate it, is because there’s a lot of me in Jewel and so I wanted to make sure she was different from me, too. Also, adding in little quirks, likes/dislikes for your characters make them all the more real to me and hopefully for the readers, too.

What are your favourite things about Jewel?

1.      A couple of my favorite things about Jewel are how she loves and protects her little brother Jayden. I really drew on my motherly/protective side with my own son to bring that out in Jewel, hopefully authentically. Jayden is really a cute kid and with all the moving they’ve done, the two of them have gotten extra close.  I also love how she thinks things through and that even though her whole life goes crazy, she’s able to fight back, find answers, and come into her own. I’m not sure a lot of people could do the same if they were in her situation.

Are there any more books planned for Jewel?

1.      I do have some ideas for a sequel to SPECTRAL, but I did write it as a stand-alone book.  More than likely, this will be it, but I’m a never-say-never sort of person. :)

Other than your own what are your favourite books?

1.      I have so many favorite books. Some of them are, The Twilight Series, The Hunger Games series, The Hush Hush series, Addison Moore’s Celestra series, Delirium, Divergent, Shiver, The Chemical Garden series, and Jennifer Armentrout’s Lux series. There are so many more I’m forgetting right now, but yeah, books rock!

 Random question – What’s your favourite treat?

1.      Popcorn! Love it! No butter, but sometimes with white cheddar. Yummy!

Thanks so much for inviting me to your blog today, Sara. Have an awesome day!

 Thanks so much to Shannon for dropping by the blog and for such an awesome book!

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