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Pretty Amy by Lisa Burstein

Pretty AmyPretty Amy by Lisa Burstein
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

(I won a copy of this book! Thanks to Entangled Publishing.)
17-year-old Amy is on her way to prom with her two best friends Lila and Cassie when the unthinkable happens – their dates stand them up.

Deciding that the best way to show her displeasure is to steal a huge quantity of pot from her drug dealing boyfriend, Lila climbs in through an upstairs window. The girls then drop in at prom but aren’t allowed in without tickets, and so decide to spend their time driving around in Cassie’s car, smoking enough pot to make them forget that they’ve been stood up.

That’s when the police pull them over, and their real nightmare begins. Now Amy finds herself at the mercy of her mother – attending therapy, doing community service, getting a job to pay for her lawyer. The question is though, how far will Amy go to protect her friends, and where will she end up in the meantime?

I really enjoyed this book in the beginning. I really felt for Amy and the way that she was so misunderstood. She really didn’t do much other than go along with her friends, which is how she ended up in so much trouble, and her mother had no faith in her whatsoever! No matter what Amy said or did her mom seemed to think the worst of her, which seemed really unfair, especially as Amy had straight A’s at school.

I have to say that this book made me laugh in places, Amy just had her own brand of sarcastic comments that were quite funny, I especially liked these:

“If bitching were karate, my mother would be a black belt.”

“I read the following: Three local girls arrested in connection with area-wide drug-distribution ring, caught en route to the Collinsville South High Prom.
"Your mother thinks we'll have news crews camped on our lawn," He said.
I was less concerned about that and more concerned that it was now forever in black and white that we had been dateless for the prom.”

“Ginny yelled through her megaphone as we worked, telling us to view the trash we picked up as a gathering of all the souls we affected with our drug use. To see each piece as one more person who forgave us.
I picked up an empty box of adult diapers and wondered who that was supposed to be.”

Unfortunately though, I felt that the book kind of lost its way just over half-way through. I understood Amy wanting to protect her friends, but when it got to the point where she had no friends, her parents weren’t talking to her, and she was facing jail time, her refusal to co-operate and speak up against her friends just left her looking stupid rather than loyal. I actually started to talking to the book, saying “Just do it already!” Why risk going to jail for people who don’t even care about you? Especially when it was Lila who had stolen the weed, and Cassie who had been driving stoned, not Amy.

(view spoiler on Goodreads)[ Another annoying thing (sorry) was the love interest angle – I could see the romance with Joe coming from the start, but it just didn’t feel right. Amy went from ignoring him and hoping he would go away to loving him? I just didn’t get it. It was sudden, Joe had been pretty mean to her in the past, and I just didn’t see why she felt the need to go backwards almost (they had previously been friends).

The other love interest Aaron was, I’m sorry, an absolute poo-head, and I really hated the way he treated Amy. I really wished that she had ratted on him to the drug squad as he really deserved it.
(hide spoiler)]

Overall, I enjoyed this book, but the second half let it down for me.
7 out of 10.
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