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NeophyteNeophyte by Emmalee Aple
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(This book was given to me for free by the author on a read-to-review basis.)
18-year-old Addisyn is a neophyte. That is, she’s in the process of becoming an angel.

Shot in her high school cafeteria, Addi was killed instantly, then reborn three days later as a neophyte. That was two years ago, which means that she still has three more years to go before her body fully completes its transition from human to angel, and until then she can still die a human death.

Addisyn lives with 5 other angels: Everett and Wilhelm who are born angels (not changed as Addisyn will be), Greysan (the love interest), Graham (Greysan’s twin), and Hunter (Addisyn’s best friend and companion – Angels are bound in pairs, and Addisyn and Hunter are bound for eternity). As a group of six, they refer to themselves as a ‘Link’ – sort of like an angel family.

What Addisyn doesn’t realise though, is that her Link are keeping secrets from her, in their minds to protect her. This backfires though when an Angel who looks like Greysan tries to kidnap her.
Luckily, Addisyn’s Link are able to save her, but not before she watches Greysan kill the angel that tried to kidnap her. Shocked when she realises that angels can be killed, she demands that her Link tell her what is going on.

Her Link have many secrets that they can’t tell her though, and as more and more is revealed to Addi, the more confused she gets. But with both brightly glowing angels and grey angels following her around, and her Link thinking that they are protecting her by not telling her things, Addisyn doesn’t understand the danger that she’s in.

I’m in two minds about this book, at the beginning I felt a bit like I had been dropped in at the deep end – there was so much going on, the characters were all new, and I found it really difficult to keep track of what was going on. After the initial excitement though, things took a totally different turn, with Addisyn starting to date Greysan, and going to prom, and the threat of the other angels was almost forgotten at times!

The romance angle was also quite different when it started too. It sort of felt to me like a friend describing her feelings for their boyfriend, rather than actually feeling like I was experiencing it myself. I can’t put my finger on why though!

Thankfully, these little niggles seemed to have ironed themselves out by about half-way through and I found myself really wanting to know what happened next. There were a few instances where I just thought what?! They are in here (don’t want to spoil it for anyone) -

- Greysan thinks nothing of taking Addisyn out for the day, even when he knows that the other Link are trying to get hold of her and possibly kill her

- The other angels get annoyed at Addisyn for going into town to a self-defence class when they expected her to be at the library, but I don’t see what difference this really made – why would she be safer at the library than at a self-defence class when the dark angels can get to her anywhere?

- Addisyn continually acts like a bit of a numpty, sitting out on the roof and arranging to meet the bright angels on her own, and doesn’t really understand that she is putting herself in danger.

- Graham taking Addisyn to meet the bright angels, and letting her then go meet them alone!! WHY? WHY? Why would you assist someone that you supposedly care about on what is most likely to be a suicide mission? Especially after you have spent the entire novel, shielding her, and refusing to let her do things for her own protection? AND when you think that said event will also result in the death of your brother – who you are linked to – and therefore yourself? This is just Nuts! Was this really Graham? I have to ask, because it is startlingly out of character!

- Why after Farren has her under his spell and away from her Link does he then let her go back to them, only to try and get her back? Logic?

- How the hell did the rest of the Link know where to find Addisyn when she went to meet the dark angels? The place they were meeting at was an hours drive away!

- Oh, and the way the man on the p.c. spoke – it sounded a lot more Irish than English to me!

As much as there were things that annoyed me about this story though, there were also things that I loved. I loved the way that Addisyn continued to stick up for herself against the rest of her Link, and continued to try and convince them that she wasn’t a baby and needed to be able to protect herself, even though they continually shot her down.
Even though she was in some cases hundreds of years younger, they did try to make her feel small at times by continually carrying her around and telling her when it was time for her to go to bed, and it was nice to find a heroine who would not stand for being bossed about by men who think they are older and wiser!

I loved the way that Addisyn also continued to fight for the other unclaimed angels, even though the others told her it was too late to save them, as this really showed her character, and her determination to do the right thing.

I also loved the ending. Enough of an ending for there to be an ending, but with enough insight to make you very excited about the adventures that are coming next for Addi! I must admit that even as undecided as I am on some aspects of this book, I do really want to read the next instalment!
Thanks Emmalee for an enjoyable read!
Well worth a read. 7 out of 10.

Added on: The author assures me that some of the above questions will be answered in the next book! Yay!

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