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Anathema (Cloud Prophet Trilogy, #1)Anathema by Megg Jensen
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15-year-old slave Reychel has never been allowed to see outside the window, except in the company of her Master Kandek, and she hates being kept in the dark.
Today is a special day though – her 15 birthday – and Reychel is scared. Instead of celebrating, she will be forced into an arena with hundreds of noble people watching her, and a branding iron in the shape of a fox seared into her neck, forever marking her as Kandek’s property.

The day does not start as she expects though, when she wakes to find her best friend Ivy missing from their bed, and a coin bearing the word ‘anathema’ in Ivy’s place. Reychel doesn’t know what anathema means, but she knows what the coin signifies. Ivy has been kidnapped.

Not wanting to be implicated in Ivy’s disappearance, Reychel hides the coin and goes about her daily chores, that is until Kandek requests an audience with her.

Going to his chambers, Kandek allows her to see out of the window and then asks her to tell him a story, which she does.It’s not the story that Kandek wants though, it is a story of Reychels escape from his home, and in fear he throws her in the dungeon to await her branding that afternoon.

Then, at the last moment before her branding, someone whispers to Reychel to run, and her story comes true and she is finally free.

Reunited with her best friend Ivy, the two must now travel away from Kandek’s home, and learn skills to allow them to live in the free world. There is much to learn though as Reychel and Ivy both learn that they are gifted – each has a special magical gift.
How long can Reychel run though with Kandek’s men searching for her, and the villagers motivated to turn her in by the promise of the safe return of their loved ones from the prison? And how long will it take Reychel to realise the extent of her gift, and the real reason Kandek is so desperate to get her back?

I enjoyed this book. The storyline was good, and although I saw certain things coming, other things were a surprise to me even though I should probably have been expecting them.

Reychel was a little bit naïve, but was ultimately a good person, and there was the obligatory love triangle too.

A good start and I’m interested to see what happens next.
8 out of 10.
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  1. The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger, but as this is the first book in the series, some points are neatly tied up and others are left open to be developed in the next book. Fellow readers, I highly recommend this stunning book to young and old alike!